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Abandon Ship takes the FTL formula to the seas with great results

Abandon Ship, a seafaring strategy game with more than a smattering of the occult, has dropped anchor in Steam early access and personally, I am very impressed with how it’s looking so far. I made a video about it earlier this week. In fact, you can view it below.

If you’ve not heard of Abandon Ship before, the core message in a bottle is that it’s a game about taking flight from a murderous bunch of cultists very much in the same vein as FTL. As the captain of the ship your goal is to explore each new environment, balancing your supplies, money and morale while navigating a series of deadly encounters and preparing to make the journey to new waters.

Ever looming on the horizon are the forces of the cult from which you have so boldly escaped – they hound you constantly as you try to win your freedom with everything at their disposal, from cannon and shot to terrifying fishmen and an honest to goodness kraken. Here be monsters indeed.

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