Alan Wake is coming to Dead by Daylight later this month

Not content with his starring turns in Fortnite last year, everyone’s favourite monologuing horror writer Alan Wake is preparing for another multiplayer crossover, this time making the jump to Behaviour Interative’s asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight on 30th January.

Alan joins Dead by Daylight as its latest Survivor, with Matthew Porretta returning to voice the character and Ilkka Villi — who portrayed Alan during the live-action sequences in last year’s acclaimed Alan Wake 2 — again providing his likeness.

«Trapped in the Dark Place and fighting to escape,» Behaviour teases, «Alan’s attempt to write his freedom leads him into The Entity’s thralls, trading one Dark Place for another.»

Alan Wake’s Dead by Daylight announcement trailer.

As detailed over on the Dead by Daylight blog, Alan’s three Survivor perks are Champion of Light, which gives him additional movement speed when wielding his trusty flashlight — and inflicts the Hindered status effect on the killer if they’re blinded, slowing them down — and Boon: Illumination, creating a Boom totem enabling other Survivors in the vicinity to see the auras of generators and chests across the map.

Finally, there’s Deadline, which activates when Alan is injured, increasing the frequency of skill checks when healing Survivors or repairing generators. In these instances, should a skill check fail, the resulting penalty will be halved.

Dead by Daylight’s Alan Wake chapter — which also introduces the limited-time Lights Out modifier, stripping players of key tools — launches for all platforms on 30th January.

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