All available PSVR2 horror games so far, ranked from worst to best

As a huge lover of horror games, I believe that there is no better way to experience them than in VR. With that in mind, I’ve decided to rank all 12 currently available PSVR2 horror games from worst to best. This way all you fellow horror-heads out there will be able to know which VR nightmares to embrace with your face and which to avoid like a hungry alien on Sevastopol station.

You’ll find the video version of this list just above these words if you want to watch some lovely trailer gameplay while I natter over the top of them. In that video I’ve also judged these PSVR2 horror games on how scary they are too so, if you’d like to hear approximately 35 fart sound effects, this week’s episode of Ian’s VR Corner is the place to go. Enjoy!

There was a lot of hype behind the recently released horror-puzzle game Hello Neighbour VR: Search and Rescue, but unfortunately it launched onto PSVR2 in such a terrible state that it’s currently almost impossible to complete thanks to a catalogue of game breaking bugs and progression issues.Not only that though, it also has incredibly poor performance and the lack of some of the most basic VR functionality going. I mean, no smooth turn option at all? What were the developers thinking?

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