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Apex Legends details Loba’s abilities, including teleportation and long-distance looting

We’ve already seen plenty of teases for upcoming legend Loba, but now we know exactly what she’s capable of, as Respawn has detailed how her abilities will work. And with another snazzy trailer to boot.

Although similar to Wraith’s teleport, Loba’s tactical ability Burglar’s Best Friend allows her to throw a “jump drive bracelet” to determine where she will land. As the bracelet has to travel through the air, it looks like there’s a slight delay before she disappears, but I imagine it could be a nasty surprise for anyone with their back turned. Loba’s ultimate, Black Market Boutique, allows her to effectively set up a small shop which teleports nearby loot to the player’s inventory, with each legend (including enemy players) allowed to take up to two items. Sounds similar to shopping for groceries in lockdown.

Her passive, meanwhile, allows her to see nearby epic and legendary loot through walls, meaning Loba’s going to be thoroughly geared by the final circles. If you have a good teammate, hopefully they’ll share.

Along with the information on her abilities, Respawn has revealed further lore on Loba’s background, including a real tear-jerker in the form of a letter from Loba’s mother (who met a tragic end at the hands of simulacrum Revenant). There’s also some advice in there about how to apply eyeliner more effectively, which I may try out for myself.

Season 5 kicks off today at 6pm UK time, and along with Loba’s debut, we can also expect to see treasure-hunting quests and the likely destruction of Skull Town.

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