Arcane season two teaser reveals a big new character, and sets fan tongues wagging

Netflix has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming, highly-anticipated second season of Arcane — and it introduces an intriguing new character.

Or is it a new character? For now, there’s no confirmation either way — but the video has certainly gotten fans speculating.

Here’s what we can say for certain. The brief clip begins with a look at crazed scientist Singed, experimenting on a large body. The final shot shows this body — suspended unconscious from the ceiling — to be enormous, and wolf-like.

Netflix’s Arcane season two teaser trailer unveils a big character.

League of Legends fans immediately identified this as Warwick, the werewolf-like creation that is another champion in the game.

But fans of Arcane have suggested this version of Warwick may also be someone we know — possibly, a revived version of Vander, the sadly-lost adopted father to protagonists Vi and Powder (AKA Jynx). Could it be? Certainly, the character’s build is similiar to how we last saw Vander, and it would set up a tragic new storyline.

Arcane’s brilliant first season dropped onto Netflix back in 2021, and fans have been waiting for more episodes ever since.

Finally, however, we know now Arcane season two will be released this November. Just 10 months to go!

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