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Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Smash Hit Plunder light up PSVR with magic and originality

Thanks to a hectic (but amazing) EGX and a much needed holiday, this is the first Ian’s VR Corner I’ve been able to produce for a couple of weeks. So, to make amends for my tardiness, I’ve decided to feature not one but two new PSVR releases in this week’s post.

First up, you can find my first impressions of Astro Bot Rescue Mission in the video below. It’s a perfect PSVR platformer that brings a whole load of Nintendo-esq magic to Sony’s headset and you can watch me bumble, curse and fall in love with the game as I play through the first world.

There’s not that much else I can say about Astro Bot Rescue Mission that hasn’t already been said in Donlan’s glowing review so instead I’d like to use the rest of my time here to draw your attention to another new PSVR release for this week; Smash Hit Plunder.

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