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Beat Saber is yet another must-play game for the PSVR

Beat Saber makes you feel like a Jedi. If that Jedi was the conductor of an orchestra. And if that orchestra only played hardcore dance music. And also if it had that chap from Mad Max in it who plays the flame-throwing guitar on top of the car. And no, I’m not over exaggerating; it really is that cool.

Beat Saber has been out for a while now on PC, but this week it finally launched on the Playstation VR and I’ve been getting very sweaty with it in this week’s Ian’s VR Corner, which you can watch below. I’ve even put myself in vision for this episode so you can witness me swinging my laser swords around like they were glow sticks at a rave.

For those unfamiliar, the workings of Beat Saber are brilliantly basic and basically brilliant. Red and blue blocks advance towards you on a track, Guitar Hero style, and you have to slice those blocks in half with your twin laser swords (aka two Move controllers). The difficulty comes in making sure you match the colour of the block to the colour of your sword, and the direction of your swing the to direction of the arrows on the blocks.

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