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Bethesda devs watch speedrunner complete Doom Eternal in just 27 minutes

The creative team behind the latest instalment of Bethesda’s Doom series are thinking of new ways to treat speedrunners after watching the current world record holder get through Doom Eternal in less than half an hour.

IGN sat down executive producer Marty Stratton, director Hugo Martin, lead level designer Jerry Keehan, and lead game programmer Evan Eubanks to watch speedrunner Xamide complete the game in an astonishing – and record-setting – 27 minutes.

While, naturally, many a corner was cut – including level collision exploits that enabled Xamide to skip many encounters as well as running at a blistering 250fps – the player’s efficiency affected the team in a variety of ways, including pondering on the idea of including special easter eggs for speedrunners.

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