Dataminers think they’ve discovered Tekken 8’s DLC characters

Tekken 8’s upcoming DLC characters have reportedly leaked online.

A dataminer who sifted through the game files of the fighting game claims to have uncovered the names of some of those who are appearing on the DLC roster.

Cover image for YouTube videoTekken 8 Is Absolutely Superb — DF Tech Review — PS5/Xbox Series/PC/Steam Deck

Tekken 8 Is Absolutely Superb — DF Tech Review — PS5/Xbox Series/PC/Steam Deck.

Dataminer Shootmans says they «confirmed and debunked several leaks» during the Closed Network Test, and attests that their most recent exploration has revealed who may be coming back for the DLC.

Appending the new leaks to a previous thread that details how Cheat Engine – which is «used for exploring and editing the memory of actively running apps» – works, Shootsman says the program allows players to search for certain words and phrases, and the more, say, a character name pops up in the files, «that character is almost certainly going to be in the game».

Only read on if you’re happy to be spoiled!

«With Eddy having already been announced, we can see clues to him in the strings,» they explain, as well as suggesting we have «new evidence» for an appearance from Marduk following references to Vale Tudo.

There’s also a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand – widely thought to be Fahkumram – and what the leaker thinks is «100 per cent» proof that Lidia will be coming back.

As is always the case, none of this is confirmed until Bandai Namco says it’s confirmed so, for now, take this with a grain of salt until we get official word.

Tekken 8 S1 DLC characters have been allegedly datamined
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«Tekken 8 finally took the time to show me the ropes, and now I have to endure every single one of my Tekken-obsessed friends telling me ‘I told you so’ for eternity as a result, because I finally get it,» we wrote in Eurogamer’s Tekken 8 review, slapping it with a coveted 5/5 score.

«And it’s all because they added a decent tutorial and an encouraging pat on the back, and set me on my own way to figuring it out.»

In related news, we found out this week that boxer Ed joins the Street Fighter 6 roster on 27th February.

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