Days Gone Dev Bend Studio Still ‘Cooking’ New Game

Sony’s Bend Studio has said that its unannounced new game is still “cooking.” The developer hasn’t released a new game since 2019’s Days Gone and hasn’t officially announced anything, but tidbits of information about its next project have been circulating for the past two years.

Bend Studio’s new game is a new IP, not Days Gone 2

Despite all the hoopla surrounding Days Gone, there isn’t going to be a sequel… at least not anytime soon. Former developers revealed that Sony shot down a pitch for Days Gone 2 and Bend Studio itself has confirmed that it’s working on a new IP.

Bend Studio job descriptions that surfaced in 2022 mentioned a AAA PS5 exclusive set in “a whole new world” with multiplayer. Bend said that the game “builds upon the open-world systems of Days Gone” that it is “extremely excited to craft for you.”

Last month, the LinkedIn profile of a former Bend employee corroborated rumors that the studio is — or was — collaborating with Naughty Dog on a project as recently as 2022. However, there’s no word on whether this project is still in existence or if it’s the rumored Last of Us multiplayer, which has since been canned.

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