Dev Declines Comment on God of War Trilogy PS5 Remake Rumor

A rumor recently emerged that the original God of War trilogy’s PS5 remake is in the works, with some expressing skepticism due to the source of the rumor. Now, some fans think that Sony’s cooking something, and the rumor might be true, much like how reports of God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla turned out to be true despite Santa Monica Studio denying that it was working on DLC.

Why fans think God of War trilogy PS5 remake rumor could be real

As spotted by Redditor ThingBudget, YouTuber GameBreakerGod recently live streamed Valhalla DLC and held a question-and-answer session with two Santa Monica Studio developers during the stream. When a follower asked the YouTuber why he didn’t quiz the developers about the rumored remake, GameBreakerGod said that Santa Monica Studio didn’t approve those questions.

Some fans have taken this as an indication that the God of War trilogy is probably headed to PS5, but it’s entirely possible that Santa Monica Studio simply didn’t want to answer anything not relevant to the subject matter of the video: Valhalla DLC.

Recently, current Kratos voice actor Chris Judge revealed that he was contacted to match the voice of former Kratos voice actor Terrence Carson, which he refused to do. Judge later issued a clarification that the request didn’t come from Santa Monica Studio after rumors of the remake began to circulate.

Make of this what you will.

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