Disney Might Have Just Revealed Star Wars: Outlaws' Release Window — IGN Daily Fix

*Note: since this taping, developer Nightmare Forge Games has changed the name of their game to «Infestation: Origins»In today’s Daily Fix:While Ubisoft’s current stance on Star Wars Outlaws’ release date is a vague ‘2024,’ Disney may have revealed a more narrow timeframe. On a Disney Parks blog, a release window of ‘late 2024′ was given, which more or less sounds like the correct timeframe to release the game. However, an official statement from Ubisoft has told IGN that it’s still just 2024, it sounds like Ubisoft just wants to play Star Wars Outlaws’ release date close to the chest. And speaking of Disney, the Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse has entered the public domain as of January 1st, and of course a ton of horror-related IP starring the black-and-white mouse is already on the horizon. Nightmare Forge Games has announced Infestation: Origins, a four-player survival horror shooter coming to PC. And finally, Square Enix is doubling down on the company’s use of artifical intelligence, stating a need to quote «be aggressive in applying AI and other cutting edge technologies .» Keep in mind that the company has also pledged to invest heavily in blockchain/Web 3.0 tech.

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