Elden Ring fans find Shadow of the Erdtree reference hiding in plain sight


Elden Ring fans believe they’ve found a link to expansion Shadow of the Erdtree that was hiding in plain sight all along.

Ahead of the DLC’s announcement, Miyazaki told IGN there was still a secret yet to be discovered, which of course sent fans off to find this nugget.

«For me personally, there is a small element that I feel has not yet been discovered. So, whether that’s up to user interpretation or up to just further investigation and playing, that’s something I’m looking forward to,» said Miyazaki. «I think it’s a question of when and not if, but there may be something small still missing.»

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree | Official Gameplay Reveal TrailerWatch on YouTube

Well, it looks like that discovery may have been found.

As shared by reddit user Cudakid210, players can equip the Candletree Wooden Shield item. Its description reads: «A tall, medium-sized wooden shield. Light for its size, and easy to handle.

«Thought to represent a surreptitious prophecy of cardinal sin, the lit candle-tree design was forbidden.»

It’s this second part that’s got fans interested. The Candletree design appears to be the symbol for Messmer’s faction — Messmer being the red-haired bad boy from the Shadow of the Erdtree trailer.

NEW DISCOVERY! Candletree as the sigil of a faction in the land of shadow? Seriously how much of this was planned from the start!?
byu/cudakid210 inEldenring

When we first see Messmer in the trailer he’s surrounded by candles, and there are various enemies fighting with candelabras or bearing arms with the symbol. Plus there’s the small matter of the burning tree looming over the Lands of Shadow — is this, literally, the candle tree?

Then there’s the old gentleman pulling a tree branch out of his face — could this actually be a candelabra? It appears to have the same shape at least.

A zombified figure in spotlight pulls a sword from its head in Shadow of the Erdtree

Is this actually a candelabra? | Image credit: FromSoftware

Cudakid210 also speculates that, as the Candletree is described as a secret prophecy in the shield description, it suggests Messmer was wiped away from the history of The Lands Between due to his cardinal sin. It seems like he could be a sort of anti-christ figure.

Of course, it’s not too surprising these details were in Elden Ring all along. Miyazaki confirmed to Eurogamer that Shadow of the Erdtree is still based on the same original lore created by Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin.

Another reddit user Urusander also spotted a potential reference to the Candeltree faction in a prayer room in the Haligtree — a fitting location considering its importance to Miquella.

Fans have also been speculating whether we’ll meet Malenia once again in Shadow of the Erdtree. She is Miquella’s Blade after all. Some reddit commenters are hopeful we’ll see her as an NPC, while others are after something new. One commenter suggested the player is now Miquella’s Blade in the DLC as we pursue his story.

If you missed it, here’s our breakdown of the Shadow of the Erdtree trailer.

What’s your take on these secrets and rumours?


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