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Enjoy a 6-hour flight in real-time with economy class sim Airplane Mode from tomorrow

Airplane Mode, the sim that lets you recreate the sky-high thrills and spills (or rather, the relentless, soul-splintering monotony) of a six-hour economy class flight in first-person and in real-time, launches tomorrow, 15th October, on PC and Mac.

Airplane Mode, developed Hosni Auji and Bacronym Games and published by AMC, is inspired by Penn and Teller’s infamous monotony simulator Desert Bus, but switches that game’s wonky wheel and Arizona sprawl for more familiar tedium among the clouds.

Passengers will have a choice of two flights – a six hour run between JFK and Reykjavik, or a somewhat brisker two-and-a-half-hour journey from JFK to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – and, once they’ve safely boarded their plane, they’re free to pass the time however they please.

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