Enotria: The Last Song CEO apologises to «Xbox community» for «a choice that was forced to make»

Jyamma Games has «officially apologised to the Xbox community» after deciding not to release the soulslike Enotria: The Last Song on Xbox in order to ensure a «superior experience» for players on PC and PS5.

In a press statement, CEO Giacomo Greco apologised for taking so long to tell Xbox players that the game would not be coming to Xbox Series X/S, saying it was a «choice that has just been made» and that «making the release on all platforms would lead to a decrease in the overall quality of the product and a further delay of the same».

Enotria: The Last Song gameplay trailer.Watch on YouTube

«I want you to know that the delay caused by the launch on the same date of [Elden Ring’s DLC] gave us the opportunity to take more time to further improve the product, this led to raising the bar and, as CEO, I’m responsible for the final quality of the product,» Greco said.

«Having said that, I would never have allowed our game to come out discreetly on all platforms, I prefer the game to be perfect on two platforms rather than discreet on three.»

Greco further added that once the game has debuted on PC and PS5 the team will «also be working on the Xbox version, as well as the DLC, so we can also give the game to Microsoft users».

As for why Jyamma Games decided to forego the Xbox version?

«The choice fell on PS5 rather than on Xbox simply because we have a relationship with our partners in Asia (SEGA) with whom we have agreements that we want to respect for them as a matter of respect,» the CEO said.

«As you may all know, the Asian market is for a large part dominated by the PlayStation, so the PS5 was the logical choice. I want to point out, however, some things, Jyamma Games is an independent software house that has never been funded by anyone, including Microsoft, some accusations that have been made by some users are at the limit of the legal complaint about this issue.

«I hope that now everything is clearer and that the Xbox community is not offended for a choice that was [sic] forced to make,» they concluded.

Enotria: The Last Song was initially set to release in June, but its launch date was pushed back by developer Jyamma Games, ensuring it avoids the Elden Ring DLC. The Italian Soulslike will now release on 21st August.

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