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Evasion is a VR wave shooter that adds mobility but avoids innovation

If you’re looking for an episode of Ian’s VR Corner over on our YouTube channel today you’re going to be disappointed – there isn’t one. Don’t worry though, the series isn’t over, it just went up a little earlier in the week instead!

Our regular Tuesday streaming slot collided with the launch of this week’s big PSVR release, Evasion, so I thought I’d try combining the two for a special, streamed episode of Ian’s VR Corner. That means there’s 90 minutes of unedited and uncensored, VR visuals for you to enjoy in the video below.

If you’ve watched the pre-release trailers for Evasion you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it was some kind of follow-up to Farpoint, Impulse Gear’s sci-fi shooter that launched alongside Sony’s Aim controller last year.

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