F-Zero 99 secret tracks, private lobbies added

Nintendo Switch Online game F-Zero 99 has a fresh update today that adds the ability to create private lobbies.

The update also includes a number of mysterious «secret tracks», which Nintendo says will «occasionally appear in F-Zero 99» when playing. Intriguing!

Private lobbies are now available as an option for any game mode. These let you set a four-digit passcode so you and your friends can join an individual lobby. But private lobby races won’t be reflected on leaderboards, and you’ll receive less EXP and fewer ticket points.

F-Zero 99 marks the reto racer series’ long-awaited return — if you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber.Watch on YouTube

F-Zero 99’s maximum skill level has been increased from 99 to 399 and the game’s maximum skill rating from S20 to S50 in today’s update.

Eurogamer’s resident F-Zero fan Ed Nightingale described the game as feeling like «a battle royale in a pinball machine» in Eurogamer’s F-Zero 99 impressions. «It’s an absolute rush, but I’m not sure my heart can take it.»

F-Zero 99 surprise-launched as a Nintendo Switch Online exclusive last September, and has been kept updated with additional tracks and other bits and bobs. To play it, you’ll just need an active Switch Online subscription — either its base or Expansion Pack tier.

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