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Fear and frustration rule the day in Killing Floor: Incursion for Playstation VR

This week wasn’t the most exciting time for new releases on Playstation VR so, for today’s episode of Ian’s VR Corner, I decided to look back at a title from last month that had completely passed me by.

I’ve received quite a few glowing recommendations for Killing Floor: Incursion, so I went into it expecting great things. Unfortunately this VR spin-off of the gore-soaked shooter Killing Floor 2 only left me feeling stressed and disappointed, as the video below will attest.

Whilst Killing Floor 2 is a straight up action game with a Hellraiser-like skin, Incursion tries to slow down its frantic pace by adding some creeping horror and puzzle game elements. It’s understandable really – the action in Killing Floor 2 is far too fast to be ported directly to VR – but the way it’s done here is a detriment to the gameplay.

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