Final Fantasy 14 Xbox open beta test launches later this month

The Final Fantasy 14 open beta test for Xbox Series X/S will begin on 21st February.

The test will only be available for new players playing the game for the first time. Players who already have the free trial, or a licence for the game registered to their Square Enix account, will be unable to participate.

The official version of the game will launch on Xbox Series X/S «immediately following the conclusion of the open beta test» according to the official announcement on The Lodestone, though the exact date of this is unknown.

Cover image for YouTube videoFINAL FANTASY XIV: DAWNTRAIL | Full Trailer

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail full trailer

The announcement page also includes instructions on how to participate, including allowing multiplayer access on your console.

The open beta test includes everything in the free trial version — including its limitations. The trial has been extended to include the Stormblood expansion, meaning players can test out A Realm Reborn and the first two expansions up to level 70.

Phil Spencer took to the stage last year at the Las Vegas Fan Fest event to announce that Final Fantasy 14 would be coming to Xbox consoles. The open beta was then accidentally announced early by Microsoft last month, before being swiftly taken down.

At the Tokyo Fan Fest event, Square Enix stated the open beta would begin «around 21st February». Looks like it was spot on.

The open beta and release on Xbox comes ahead of the next expansion, Dawntrail, that’s due out later this summer and will act as the start of a new story arc.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dawntrail, including details of its Viper and Pictomancer Jobs.

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