Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth director suggests what chocobo smell like

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi reckons chocobo smell like horses.

Chocobo are the giant yellow birds seen across the Final Fantasy series as steeds for various characters. So when Hamaguchi was asked by Game Informer if they smell bad, he replied: «It might be similar to a horse».

To be honest, I would’ve assumed they smell more like a chicken, but a horse certainly makes sense. The real question, though, is what do moogle smell like? I’d say probably nuts.

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Elsewhere in the video, Hamaguchi answered some quickfire questions about Red XIII. Specifically, how exactly does this four-legged creature ride chocobo?

«He uses his paws to grasp tightly onto the ropes,» replied Hamaguchi, matter-of-factly. And as to whether the party members comment on Red XIII attempting to ride chocobo, he said «it’s really natural for him».

More importantly, what happens if Red XIII’s tail is extinguished? «So, is he going to die, or…?» responded Hamaguchi. I guess we’ll never know.

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Plenty of other titbits are revealed in the interview. For instance, «in a bigger picture» Rebirth follows the story of the original «quite faithfully», and Zack’s existence «has an impact throughout the world» of the game. Speaking of Zack, Crisis Core isn’t part of the canon because Remake is a «unique world distinct from the other titles», but fans will still benefit from playing it before Rebirth.

Lastly, how does Cloud get his hair like that? «You’ve got to use maybe one-third of the tube to get hair that hard,» said Hamaguchi. He’ll surely need Sephiroth’s shampoo to wash all that out.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is set for release on 29th February exclusive to PlayStation 5. Not long to wait now!

Square Enix has already revealed how players will catch chocobo in the wild, plus chicks can be found to discover fast travel points.

Last week, Cloud voice actor Cody Christian suggested «shippers» can «ruin great story development» by sexualising the game’s relationships.

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