Final Fantasy 7 ‘shippers’ «ruin great story development» with overt sexualisation, says Cloud voice artist

Voice artist Cody Christian, who plays Cloud in the forthcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, thinks «shippers» who «overtly sexualise every relationship can ruin great story development».

Christian made the comments on X, formerly Twitter, following the latest trailer for Rebirth shared by Square Enix. Longtime fans of the original Final Fantasy 7 game (as well as Remake) have plenty of opinions on who Cloud’s love interest should be in the Tifa/Aerith love triangle, which has caused plenty of heated online debates.

«‘Shippers’ crumble under the idea that a character is allowed to have significant relationships with MULTIPLE characters. This provides overarching depth,» said Christian (thanks Games Radar). «The need to overtly sexualize every relationship can ruin great story development.»

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth — Destined for Rebirth trailer

While the relationships between Cloud, Tifa and Aerith could be read as platonic, the ‘who-will-he-choose’ subtext has certainly drawn in plenty of players — though the discourse around choices often erupts into toxicity.

Christian, though, has developed a thick skin after finding fame on Teen Wolf, which prepared him for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

«A majority of ppl wanted me fired and replaced without ever hearing me speak,» he said. «To do what we did and have it find success and mean so much to the core demo[graphic], I have no fear for Rebirth.»

On Monday Square Enix released a new teaser trailer for the game and revealed some fresh details on how Cait Sith will control in battle.

There are also multiple pre-order options, including a £349.99 Collector’s Edition complete with 19-inch Sephiroth statue.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is set for release on 29th February exclusive to PS5. Check out more details in my preview from last year.

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