Firewall Ultra showcases the best bits of the PSVR2, but it's not without its problems

Despite having a name that sounds a little bit like a sanitary towel for a server room, Firewall Ultra, the PSVR2 exclusive follow-up to the PSVR exclusive Firewall Zero Hour, has got a lot of hype behind it. But is it actually any good?

Well, that’s what this week’s episode of VR Corner is all about because, a couple of weeks ago, I got to go hands on with a pre-release build of the game at Sony’s London HQ. Aren’t I special?

Situated above these words are 20 minutes of me rambling on about the highs and lows of First Contact Entertainment’s upcoming squad-based tactical shooter, whilst 5 minutes worth of brand new Firewall Ultra 4K gameplay occasionally pops up to mask an edit that I’ve made.

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