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Fortnite’s new season will bring welcome Team Rumble changes

Team Rumble, Fortnite’s fun 20-vs-20 mode, will get some welcome changes from tomorrow’s Chapter 2 Season 2 release.

The big one is the removal of gliders as a standalone item, in favour of them simply being a free Team Rumble ability.

Making them an item – one which took up a valuable item slot – was Epic’s solution to providing the ability in Team Rumble but not in other modes – and it has never sat well with fans.

Skill-based matchmaking, which made Team Rumble lobbies feel too sweaty for anyone looking for a chilled out alternative to regular modes, is also being turned off.

Bandages are being removed from the loot pool (this makes sense, as the faster-paced gameplay aided by respawning made them largely irrelevant) and all weapons will now be blue quality or better. Finally, players will be granted 150 of each material from the start.

The changes were detailed today by Epic via r/ForniteBR. Of course, plenty more will change tomorrow as the new season gets under way – and so far the game’s big ARG has hinted at several new locations as its in-game storyline finally kicks back into gear.

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