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Free-roam Zombie Survival VR could be the Laser Tag of the future

When I was about 13 years old, Laser Quest in Oxford was the place to go for birthday parties and special occasions. We had some cracking times there, back in my youth and if we weren’t shooting each other in frantic games of Laser Tag, we were working out how to pull off the grossest finishing moves on the newly released arcade machine, Mortal Kombat.

It’s a cheap and cheerful youth hostel now but whenever I wander past that old building it always triggers a wave of nostalgic memories and, as I was ushered into a small room for my pre-game briefing at Nottingham’s MeetSpaceVR centre, those same memories came flooding back to me.

I was there to play two different Zero Latency free-roam VR experiences, Singularity and Zombie Survival but, while the games may have been new, the build up to them was peak 90s Laser Quest. The wall in front of us was lined with futuristic looking backpacks, a safety video explained the rules of each game and a comically stern steward informed us that we would definitely be told off for running. All it needed was a smoke machine and a couple of UV lamps and it would have been just like the old days!

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