Great Deku Tree Lego set will be released later this year, leaker suggests

The long-rumoured Great Deku Tree Lego set will reportedly be released later this year.

That’s according to noted Lego leaker 1414falconfan, who has previously, and accurately, revealed Lego sets ahead of formal confirmation, including the Lego Piranha Plant set.

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The leaker believes the unannounced set – which comprises of 2500 pieces – will be released in September 2024, but stopped short of confirming what, if any, minifigs will accompany it. We also don’t yet have a speculative price point (thanks, Go Nintendo).

If true, it marks the first Zelda collaboration with Lego, and follows several hugely successful video game partnerships, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Animal Crossing.

As always, take this news with the usual bucket of salt; until we hear formally from either Nintendo or Lego, we can only take this as a rumour for now. We’ll keep you posted just as soon as we know more, of course.

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