Halo Infinite’s season 5 will be the last as it switches to smaller updates and 343i works on «new projects»

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has confirmed there will be no further seasons after season 5.

In a community livestream broadcast overnight, 343i revealed that after season 5 goes live for the sci-fi shooter on 30th January, seasons will be retired and replaced by «operation» events instead.

January Update & HCS 2024 Roadmap | Halo Infinite.

Operations will run for just four to six weeks at a time, and their accompanying battle passes will sport just 20 tiers. It’s a significant change from the free-to-play shooter’s typically weighty, long-running seasons, and could be a sign that 343i is now scaling back on the 2021 game.

That’s not all, either. Whilst 343i confirmed it would «continue to deliver» Halo Infinite updates for now, «additional teams» have now switched to «the future» and are «working on brand new projects».

«We have a dedicated team working on supporting Halo Infinite and continuing to deliver coming forward, but also, we have additional teams now that are accelerating towards the future working on brand new projects,» community director Brian Jarrard said (thanks, PC Gamer).

As for Halo Infinite’s final fifth season? Expect new Covenant items in Forge, a new arena map, a new operation, a free Mark IV Spartan core, and the power to add shoulder pieces to any armour.

ICYMI, the second season of the franchise’s big budget telly adaptation is set to begin shooting shortly, while the first season of the Halo TV show is now available to watch in the UK.

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