Halo season two will better than the first, Master Chief actor promises

Master Chief actor Pablo Schreiber has said he will stake his reputation on Halo’s next season being better than the first.

The first season of Paramount’s Halo adaptation received mixed reviews on its release in 2022. Many lamented the show’s direction, with it veering away from the source material in many ways. This not only included seeing Master Chief without his iconic helmet numerous times over, but also watching the mighty Spartan having a sexual relationship (something Schreiber has said was a «huge mistake»).

However, things could be on the up for the show. Ahead of Halo’s second season debut on Paramount Plus, the actor stated this series is going to be an improvement on the first. This is thanks to a different tone which is «more appropriate for the franchise», and — perhaps a key factor — better writing.

Halo The Series Season 2 official trailer.

«It’s darker, it’s more dangerous, all of the stunt and action sequences put you into the battle and inside the fighting. To me, it’s a much more effective way to deal with the show,» Schreiber said of season two (via GamesRadar). «I think [David Wiener, Halo’s new showrunner] is just a more gifted writer, to be quite frank. I think his dialogue is better. He puts words in the mouth that feel more appropriate for the character.»

The actor continued to say there was «no question» that Halo’s second season is «far stronger» than its first. «I will stake my reputation on that. It’s absolutely improved,» he said. «The art director who came on board, James Foster, is fantastic. He created a visual world that just makes a lot more sense.

«It’s so beautiful, incredibly cinematic. And the dialogue is better. It’s just a better season, period.»

Halo executive producer Kiki Wolfkill added that one of the team’s goals this season was to «shift tonally to a place that was a little more grounded and grittier, but still with the big spectacle of Halo and sci-fi.»

Said Wolfkill: «I don’t want to say a soft reboot, but there was intent to reset the state of the world.»

Kate Kennedy has Spartan Kai-125 in Halo TV series

Image credit: Paramount

Production for the second season of Halo began back in September 2022 in Iceland, with a celebratory photo of the cast on set. The series is due to make its debut on 8th February, on Paramount Plus.

You can see a trailer for season two in the video above, and I have to say, it does look better so far.

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