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Hearthstone's Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion is out in November

Blizzard’s free-to-play card battler Hearthstone is poised to get a little bit spookier on 17th November when its latest expansion, Madness at Darkmoon Faire, arrives; plus, there’s a free new PvP-focussed mode, Hearthstone Duels, launching a week earlier.

Starting with the expansions, Darkmoon Faire whisks players away to the creepy old carnival of the title, where something considerably more sinister than questionable ride safety protocols awaits. It is, you see, the location The Old Gods – timeless beings of fearsome power introduced in the 2016 expansion Whispers of the Old Gods – have chosen for their return to Azeroth.

In practical terms, Darkmoon Faire introduces 135 new cards, bearing “the taint of [The Old Gods’] corruption”. That relates to the new Corrupt keyword, which changes its host card into a substantially more powerful version after higher-cost card is played.

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