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Here’s a good look at gameplay for Amazon’s Crucible

Amazon has released a few gameplay videos for Crucible that together give us a decent idea of how Amazon’s first big, internally-developed video game works.

Crucible is a free-to-play team-based PvP shooter that’s due out on Steam on 20th May. It’s got MOBA elements, as well as plenty of mechanics from the hero shooter genre. While you fight enemy players, you also fight AI enemies and gather a resource that levels up your character.

The videos below run through each of the game’s three modes of play. In Heart of the Hives, two teams of four battle to take down hive creatures and claim their hearts. The first team to collect three hearts wins.

The Alpha Hunters game mode pits eight teams of two hunters in a last-one-standing match.

And in Harvester Command, two teams of eight fight to control Essence harvesters. These harvesters generate points based on how many you and your opponents both hold. First team to 100 points wins.

Crucible has been likened to Motiga’s short-lived third-person team-based shooter Gigantic, and Epic’s cancelled third-person MOBA Paragon. There’s a bit of Overwatch in there, too.

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