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Here's how you can help us get the Seinfeld point-and-click game we all deserve

A couple of indie developers want your help to bring a new point-and-click adventure based in the Seinfield universe to fruition.

In a video called Seinfeld Game – The Unofficial Pitch, developers Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon “would like to pitch to you a game about nothing, set in the Seinfeld-verse”. Whilst the pair have teased “snippets of the concept” to gaming fans before, this time it’s a “full pitch rather than a few screenshots” (thanks, VG24/7).

In each act you will assume the role of Jerry, George or Elaine “as their stories interweave and overlap with one another, just like the show”. It’s expected that you will be allowed to play multiple characters besides Kramer, who appears throughout the story but will not be playable “as he works better narratively as a “wild card”, someone who can influence the story but not be controlled”.

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