Hi-Fi Rush PS5 Version Seemingly Confirmed by Dataminers

It looks like rumors of Hi-Fi Rush expanding to the PS5 and Nintendo Switch were true, if a new datamine job is anything to go by. The game recently received an update, datamined files from which suggest an impending multiplatform release.

Hi-Fi Rush isn’t the only Xbox game rumored to be coming to PS5

The files in question are for in-game t-shirts, and the assets look an awful lot like they’re hinting at a Nintendo Switch and PS5 release. There was some speculation that the images were fake, but The Verge’s Tom Warren verified the authenticity of the leak.

Speculation suggests that the green “Shadow Dropped” refers to Hi-Fi Rush’s shadow drop on the Xbox last year. The Switch-themed red “Rock Out Anywhere” t-shirt is presumably a reference to the Switch’s portability, and the blue — seemingly a reference to PlayStation — t-shirt’s “I’m Here, Baby!” seems to imply an element of surprise that an Xbox game is on PlayStation.

Hi-Fi Rush isn’t the only game that’s heavily rumored for the PS5. Rare’s Sea of Thieves is also expected to launch on PS5, with known journalist Stephen Totilo doubling down on his previous claim in a recent interview with XEP, implying that Sea of Thieves’ PS5 release is now only a question of “when.”

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