Horizon Forbidden West just got a brand new trailer — here's a detailed breakdown

We recently got early access to watch the brand new Horizon: Forbidden West story trailer, and afterwards were able to chat with Ben McCaw and Annie Kitain, narrative director and senior writer behind the game, to talk about what we’d just seen. Full details are in the video below of course, but there are some big new details worth sharing — spoiler warning if you’re planning on going into the game totally fresh.


The first big revelation is that GAIA is back — in some shape or form. Whether this is a backup version of her stored in another facility or someone — potentially Aloy or Sylens — has repaired and restored her, we can’t say at this point. Kitain remained tight-lipped about GAIA’s role, simply confirming that GAIA is indeed returning and that she’s going to be helping Aloy find a way to stop the blight and save the world. We pressed the team a little bit and McCaw confirmed that she’s a guide of sorts for Aloy, bridging the gap between Elisabet Sobeck and Aloy and connecting the pair through her presence. Interesting.

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