Ian's top ten best PSVR games of all time

Seasons greetings one and all! Welcome to the final ever instalment of my Top Ten PSVR games lists for Ian’s VR Corner. Since about 2018, I’ve been creating Christmas Top Ten lists for my favourite PSVR games of the year but this year’s is going to be a bit different because this is the year that the PSVR died. Sort of.

Due to the impending launch of the PSVR 2 very few PSVR games of note were released this year so, in the video above, I say goodbye to Sony’s old faithful headset by listing off my Top Ten favourite PSVR games of all time. Stretching from the headset’s launch in 2016 right up until now, the following list contains the top ten titles that have brought me the most joy over the years. Obviously this is completely my opinion so, if I’ve missed out on your favourite PSVR game ever, please do share the love for it in the comments below.

10 — Blood and Truth

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