Indiana Jones and the Great Circle reveal shows globe-trotting escapades, spiders and a Game Pass promise

MachineGames has given us our first look at its Indiana Jones game, now officially called Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. And that’s not all! We officially now know it is coming this year. Get your fedoras at the ready, our beloved professor will be whipping his way onto Xbox Series X/S and PC, including Game Pass, in 2024.

Thanks to the new footage, which was shared at this evening’s Xbox Developer Direct, we also have some nice background bits about the upcoming game, which we will play through the eyes of Indy as it is first person (it’s the «ideal perspective,» the developer said). Oh, and Todd Howard also popped up to compliment how accommodating Lucasfilm has been.

Now, let’s talk new footage. It, of course, all started with Nazis, with the Great Circle taking place between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade (and yes, Indy looks like Harrison Ford complete with scar on chin). Oh I really want this to be Xbox’s Uncharted. The new footage provides plenty of little gameplay snippets that are also in the films, such as a hole filled with spiders that I assume has a lever inside. Indy is shown reaching in as a spider pops out, anyway.

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