Insomniac’s Spider-Man Multiplayer Reportedly Canceled

A new report claims that the recently leaked Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man multiplayer project was indeed canceled. Among the files stolen in the recent ransomware attack on the studio was an entire presentation on a game pitched as “GTA Online meets Spider-Man.” It appears that game was among a number of Sony’s live service projects that were ultimately shelved alongside The Last of Us multiplayer.

Spider-Man multiplayer game’s cancellation report comes from a reliable source

There was speculation of Insomniac’s multiplayer project being canceled when hackers discovered a project roadmap that didn’t mention the game anywhere. Now, journalist Jason Schreier has confirmed that this is true.

In a report published on Bloomberg, Scherier claims to have spoken to people familiar with Insomniac’s plans, who told him that the Spider-Man game was “actually canceled a long time ago.” Scherier doesn’t delve any further than this.

Separately, the hack also confirmed that Resistance 4 and Sunset Overdrive 2 were also planned at one point but was ultimately canceled. While we can’t say for sure why Resistance 4 was canned, Sunset Overdrive 2 was likely shelved following Sony’s purchase of Insomniac Games. With Microsoft still holding publishing rights to the IP, it’s highly unlikely that Sony will ever greenlight the project.

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