Knuckles Trailer Gives Sonic Fans a Surprising Character Appearance — IGN The Fix: Entertainment

With the news and teaser for the third Sonic Movie 3, which is set to hit theaters in December, we finally got our first extended look at the upcoming Knuckles series! With it, we get a glimpse at what Knuckles and friends are up to in Green Hills, a new threat set to harness the echidna’s powers, as well as a familiar face that Sonic Adventure fans might not have expected to see. Spotted at the minute and 53sec mark of the trailer, Pachacamac is seen working at a bowling alley. Pachacamac is the father of Tikal from Sonic Adventure, serving as the chief echidna of the Knuckles Clan. He’s the dude that attacked the Altar of Emerald, setting loose the immortal god Chaos, who killed him. He’s clearly not dead in the Knuckles series, so the events that have taken place in Sonic Adventure have not occurred just yet in the live-action adaptation. That’s not to say that we won’t see Chaos pop up at some point in this live-action universe; perhaps we’ll see Chaos unleashed in the Sonic 3 Movie? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing’s for sure: If Pachacamac is present in the series, then maybe Tikal is somewhere around?

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