Lethal Company mobile app is a «scam», developer warns

A mobile version of hit survival horror Lethal Company has popped up on the iPhone App Store and Google Play — but isn’t what it seems. The game’s developer Zeekerss has warned players this is «likely a scam of some sort», and not made with its permission.

Lethal Company has become incredibly popular since its debut last year, and prompted praise for the game’s mix of genuine horror and almost slapstick comedy. Now, it appears others are trying to profit off Zeekerss’ success by releasing their own rip-off of Lethal Company on mobile. Don’t be fooled.

Writing on the Lethal Company Discord, a moderator stated this mobile version «was made with no explicit permission and is most likely a scam». They asked users to refrain from linking to any fake games, to avoid anyone falling foul of «devious and malicious intentions that may be behind that operation».

Cover image for YouTube videoLet’s Play LETHAL COMPANY — DARING DUO! LETHAL COMPANY PC CO-OP

Here’s our video team with plenty of Lethal Company thrills and spills.

Eurogamer has confirmed that the Lethal Company apps are still listed on Apple and Google storefronts at the time of writing.

Under Apple’s App Privacy header for Lethal Company, it states the developer — Aytac Kahveci — had indicated that «the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data», which includes being used to track the user «across apps and websites owned by other companies».

Lethal Company on Google Play

Lethal Company on App Store

Image credit: Eurogamer

Lethal Company is not the only breakout hit to see a mobile copycat popping up on various app stores. Developer Pocketpair previously had to warn players of an unofficial mobile release of Palworld.

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