Microsoft to release «acclaimed first-party» game on another platform, report suggests

A report which stated that Microsoft was set to launch an «acclaimed» first-party title on a rival console platform has sparked further suggestion that a Nintendo Switch release for rhythm brawler Hi-Fi Rush is in the works.

Hi-Fi Rush shadow-dropped almost exactly one year ago, after it was announced at an Microsoft Developer Direct showcase. Since its release, it has remained a Microsoft exclusive available on Xbox, PC and Game Pass.

However, rumours of Hi-Fi Rush coming to Switch have begun circulating from a couple of sources.

Hi-Fi Rush Official Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer.Watch on YouTube

On 5th January, insider Nate the Hate said on his podcast of 2024 predictions for Xbox: «What I will share with you is that in the calendar year of 2024, Microsoft will bring one of their more acclaimed first party releases to a competitor system.»

Nate the Hate went on to say the title he was referring to was «met with high critical acclaim» and was part of game of the year conversations during its release year. He also stated this title is «at least one game I know of», adding there may be others Microsoft plans to release on competitor platforms.

ResetEra users discussed Nate the Hate’s comments in a thread, and one user suggested the title he was referring to is Hi-Fi Rush being released on Switch. User lolilolailo, a leaker who has previously provided correct information on the Xbox launches of various Persona games, plus Taiko no Tatsujin, responded and seemed to confirm this is what Microsoft has planned.

Hi-Fi Rush was received well here at Eurogamer. It made our list of the best games of 2023, and also got honourable mentions from Ed and Matt.

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