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Microsoft will close out June without a big Xbox 20/20 moment

In early May, Microsoft laid out its plans for Xbox 20/20, a series of “monthly moments” to reveal details of its next-gen consoles, services and games. May’s 20/20 moment was the episode of Inside Xbox which focused on third-party games. July, meanwhile, was pegged as when we’ll see next-gen games from Microsoft’s own studios.

May’s event had its critics – with Microsoft admitting it had “set some wrong expectations”. But what about June? A day away from the end of the month and with no further mention of Xbox 20/20, it should perhaps come as no surprise to hear Microsoft does not have a big reveal still tucked up its sleeve for tomorrow.

All Microsoft said publicly on its Xbox 20/20 plans for this month was a vague comment from Xbox marketing exec Aaron Greenberg that the “June news will be done differently than [an] Inside Xbox show”.

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