Microsoft’s PC and Xbox exclusive Pentiment reportedly coming to PS5 and Switch

Microsoft’s Xbox and PC exclusive Pentiment will make its way to PS5 and Nintendo Switch, alongside the previously-leaked Hi-Fi Rush.

That’s according to a new report from The Verge ahead of Thursday’s podcast from Microsoft gaming boss Phil Spencer, Xbox president Sarah Bond and head of Xbox game studios Matt Booty, where the trio will reveal Xbox’s new business strategy — including, it’s believed, the launch of exclusive games on rival platforms.

Sources confirmed to The Verge that Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment will be the first two games on the way, with Sea of Thieves planned for later this year. Other first-party titles are simply described as being under consideration.

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Rumours have swirled in the last couple of weeks due to various leaks, with Starfield and Indiana Jones also suggested to be coming to non-Xbox platforms later this year.

Releasing exclusive games on rival platforms is a huge shift for Microsoft, though as The Verge reports, this is due to a lack of major releases on Xbox and diminishing returns from Game Pass subscriptions as the company has failed to hit subscriber targets.

On Thursday we’ll finally hear the official word in an Xbox podcast episode available from 8pm UK time. The company will share «updates on the Xbox business», according to an official social media post.

It seems, at the least, that Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment will be discussed. We’ll have all the details once the podcast has been released.

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