New Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Tech, GTA VI Trailer Leapfrogs Minecraft, & More | IGN Weekly Fix OTT

Get the latest on this week’s biggest headlines in games and entertainment! This week, we cover a major change to Call of Duty’s Anti-Cheating technology, how the trailer for GTA VI broke another record, why Ubisoft hopes gamers get «comfortable» not owning games, Minecraft movie news, and much more. Tune in for the Weekly Fix — the only show packed with the recommended weekly dose of gaming and entertainment news! 00:39 — Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Will Shut Your Game Down 01:56 — Twitch Boss Admits Business Not Profitable After Layoffs 03:50 — Ubisoft Hoping Gamers Get ‘Comfortable’ Not Owning Their Games 05:23 — Baldur’s Gate 3’s Swen Vincke Says Larian’s Games Won’t Appear on a Subscription Service 07:44 — PS Exclusive Foamstars Has AI-Generated Art, Square Enix Confirms 08:55 — Smite 2 Announces Alpha Playtest for Spring 2024 10:35 — GTA 6 Surpasses Minecraft to Become Second Most-Watched Video Game Trailer, Surprising Number 1 Still Out of Reach 13:01 — The Witcher S4 Casts Laurence Fishburne as a Fan-Favorite Character 13:59 — Halo Season 2 Trailer Alienates Fans With Unmasked Master Chief 16:00 — Minecraft Movie Director Wants to Avoid an ‘Ugly Sonic’ Situation 18:02 — STALKER 2 Delayed Again 19:58 — Last of Us 2 Composer Is A Playable Character 21:13 — Argyle Won’t Appear In Stranger Things Season 5 22:09 — Dolph Lundgren Knows Why Expendables 4 Bombed

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