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Nintendo Switch Online is getting some deep cuts next week

A fresh batch of classic Nintendo games are coming to the Switch’s paid online service next week, with Panel de Pon – otherwise known as Tetris Attack – leading the charge.

It’s joined by the NES’s side-scrolling action game Rygar, while there’s a brace of action-heavy SNES games in the shape of Wild Guns and Operation Logic Bomb. It’s Panel de Pon that’s the real prize, though, a drop puzzle game originally developed by Intelligent Systems and produced by none other than Gunpei Yokoi. Curiously, it seems that all regions will be getting the Japanese version of the game rather than the quite different localised version that was Tetris Attack.

They’re all set to release on 20th May, bringing the number of games available to Switch Online subscribers over the 80 mark, which is no mean feat at all.

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