Now someone’s made the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience in Fortnite


«Explore Jonesy’s whimsical chocolate factory!» says the tagline for Jonesy’s Chocolate Factory Experience. Billed as appropriate for 3 years and above, and advertising fun and exploration, I used up 40GB of my precious, SSD space to install Fortnite and visit Jonesy’s whimsical chocolate factory.

Yes, I’m still thinking about the infamous Willy Wonka Experience held in a sadly-decorated warehouse in Glasgow. I didn’t visit it in real life for myself, but all of us have already been able to experience it vicariously through memes, quotes from frustrated parents, and interviews with the poor actors who had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they signed their contracts.

And now it’s in Fortnite. After trying it myself, I imagine the actual thing was pretty similar to Jonesy’s Chocolate Factory Experience, a Fortnite Creative map made by player ImSachiko. With a complimentary jelly bean being handed out and children crying in the corner, it does not disappoint.

Cover image for YouTube videoLEGO Fortnite Cinematic Trailer

LEGO Fortnite Cinematic Trailer.

The map was empty when I landed at the front of Jonesy’s Chocolate Factory Experience. Fortnite hero Jonesy stood at the entrance, welcoming me in with raised arms. From the outside it looked sketchy, but hey, I went to all the trouble of installing Fortnite on my PC so there was no backing out now. Once through the door, I came to a bridge over nothing, frankly. I could already tell it did not lead to a wonderous, whimsical fantasy land.

Image credit: Eurogamer

Exploring further, I was shepherded through the «experience» past The Unknown and the sad Oompa Loompa handing out jelly beans. At least there’s no one around to judge me for taking far more jelly beans than Jonesy said I was allowed. Past the Oompa Loompa lies a group of people crying in horror as they line up for their turn on the tiny bouncy castle. The Unknown claims its victims, both adults and children. It doesn’t discriminate.

Image credit: Eurogamer

At the end of the «experience» are more children crying, which, from what I gather, is entirely accurate to how it all went down. I had a vaguely harrowing experience, which is exactly what I was hoping for from this recreation. And if you also want to put yourself through the ordeal, the Island code for Jonesy’s Chocolate Factory Experience is 7154-1304-0948.

The Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience has since been commemorated in plenty of other games since it went viral, including The Sims, Pokémon and Sea of Thieves.


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