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Now you can play NES with a wireless controller

DualShock 4 and Wii Remote compatible.

Controller cables – everyone hates them. Thankfully, ever since the GameCube’s trusty Wavebird, they have been going out of fashion.


But what if you wanted to play your original NES with a wireless pad? Well, to answer that very question, now you can.

Peripheral makers 8Bitdo and Analogue have developed the Retro Receiver, a Bluetooth dongle which plugs into any NES console. It can then communicate wirelessly to a range of controllers, and support up to 4-person multiplayer.

PlayStation 3 and PS4 pads are both supported, as is the Wii Remote and Wii U Pro Controller (but not the Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers).

8Bitdo sells wireless NES and SNES controllers which are compatible too – as are its retro fightsticks.

The adaptor costs $19.99 (about £13.75), although for that price you could just download the NES games digitally for Wii, Wii U or 3DS and use your controllers that way.


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