Palworld Xbox US player numbers briefly surpass Fortnite, as Steam sales hit 8m in six days

The Palworld-wide domination continues. Along with some truly monumental numbers on Steam, the open world survival and crafting game — which the internet has dubbed ‘Pokémon with guns’ — has seen its US numbers on Xbox briefly surpass those of perennial favourite Fortnite.

As noted by NPD’s Mat Piscatella, Circana’s Player Engagement Tracker showed that Palworld surpassed Fortnite’s Xbox numbers in the US on 22nd January. According to the tracker, Xbox players in the US played Palworld for more than 200 minutes, on average.

While this was a one day thing, and the number of players in each game was «close» (Piscatella said to consider this all a «small-sample data point for funsies stat for now more than anything else»), it is still quite remarkable. In Piscatella’s words, these are some «bonkers numbers».

Cover image for YouTube videoPALWORLD Early Access Tips — Catching Bonus, Over Encumbered Hack & More!

Here’s our video team with some top Palworld tips.

Over on Steam, meanwhile, Palworld is also maintaining its meteoric popularity.

Latest figures shared by the Palworld social media team revealed it has now welcomed eight million Pal tamers in less than six days over on Valve’s platform. It’s steaming along, and all that.

Developer Pocketpair is now looking to the future. Along with addressing Palworld’s various bugs, the studio has also released a roadmap of improvements for the early access game. This will include new elements like PvP, end-game Raid Bosses, new Pals and more.

Palworld image showing the game has been played by 8m 'tamers' in less than six days

Image credit: Pocketpair

If you are one of the many, many currently making your way through Palworld, be sure to check out our guides on the game. Here is one covering the 113 Pals you can catch in Palworld’s early access to get you started.

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