Persona 3 Reload Gameplay Walkthrough — Last Week of July and Special Training Event

In this Persona 3 Reload walkthrough for IGN, we show you how to navigate the trials and tribulations of Gekkoukan High while surviving the Dark Hour and the shadows found within.00:00 — Intro00:49 — Home shopping program08:07 — Spending the day playing video games (Hermit S.Link)12:37 — Reading with Mitsuru at the dorm14:10 — Track and field training, Day 119:15 — Playing games at the arcade19:53 — Track and field training, Day 221:35 — Watching TV with Yukari at the dorm23:14 — Track and field training, Day 324:26 — Playing games at the arcade24:45 — Akihiko comes under attack during the Dark Hour28:10 — Track and field training, Day 430:20 — Eating at Wakatsu30:46 — Pharos visits during the Dark Hour31:50 — Track and field training, Day 534:46 — Eating at WakatsuFor more tips and walkthroughs on Persona 3 Reload, including how to improve Social Links and Social Stats, go to

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