Phasmophobia’s VR overhaul update makes virtual ghost hunting a little less clumsy

Phasmophobia’s latest big update launched earlier this week, giving everyone’s favourite jump-scare simulator a major VR overhaul and some much needed quality of life improvements.

In this week’s episode of VR Corner (above), you can watch me put Phasmophobia’s new and improved VR gameplay to the test as I try out a trio of terrifying hunts.

Along with support for all major headsets and various bug fixes, update v0.6.00 also makes playing in VR a much less clumsy experience than it was before. One of the most noticable changes is that the walkie-talkie and ghost hunting journal now have dedicated slots on your belt, which is something that removes a lot of the issues players had in the past when it came to grabbing them from their shoulders.

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