Platinum Apple Arcade game World of Demons ends service

Platinum Games Apple Arcade game World of Demons will end service and no longer be downloadable from 18th January.

A short blog for the game from Platinum further states the game will be unavailable to play from 1st February, even for those who have already downloaded it.

«We extend our gratitude to all players who have enjoyed the game since release,» reads the post. No further reasoning has been given for the decision.

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World of Demons was released in April 2021 as an Apple Arcade-exclusive. As you’d expect, it’s an action game with a visual style similar to Okami.

It’s unclear if this end of service means the game will be released on a different platform in future, or if this is the end. Eurogamer has contacted Platinum for further information.

The studio’s last game was Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, a puzzle prequel to the popular series. «A beautifully crafted exploration game brimming with combat and puzzles,» said Donlan in our review of the game.

Last year, Platinum founder Hideki Kamiya left the studio. He’s since started a YouTube channel and said he left the studio for reasons of trust.

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