PlayStation Discovery TV Shows Not Being Pulled for Now

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Warner Bros. have reached an agreement to stop the delisting of PlayStation Discovery TV shows… at least for now. The original announcement resulted in backlash as Sony announced that PS4 and PS5 owners are set to lose content that they’ve purchased.

Sony blamed licensing issues for pulling Discovery TV shows from PlayStation

Sony had said that it was forced to remove all Discovery content due to licensing agreements but made no mention of refunds for those who had forked out cash for it. The news resulted in widespread concerns, and now Sony says it has heard feedback.

“Due to updated licensing arrangements, the Discovery content removal planned for December 31, 2023, is no longer occurring. We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback,” reads a notice on PlayStation’s website.

Sony separately confirmed to that PlayStation owners will continue to have access to Discovery TV shows “for at least the next 30 months.” “Similar to other services, we do not own the licensing rights to TV/movie content that was previously available for purchase on PlayStation Store,” the company added. “However, we’ve worked with Warner Bros. to update our licensing agreements, ensuring that consumers will be able to access their previously purchased content for at least the next 30 months.”

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