PlayStation Stars Glitch Denies Players Royalty Points

A glitch in Sony’s matrix has denied a large number of users PlayStation Stars points for their purchases throughout the month of December. Sony announced PS Stars campaigns and digital collectibles for the month of January this morning, and a large number of complaints about missing points followed.

Why PlayStation Stars points matter

PlayStation Stars points can be redeemed for select games or PS Store credit, allowing people to splash money on whatever they want. Some players reported that they spent hundreds of dollars buying games over the Christmas period but were not granted any points. Both Reddit and the PS Blog post announcing January’s PS Stars campaign were littered with complaints, and as of this morning, Sony has neither acknowledged the problem nor resolved it.

Do note that players must be PS Plus members in order to receive points. However, a large number of players have confirmed that they were PS Plus members when they purchased games from the PS Store and still didn’t receive anything.

Other than making PS Store purchases, players can earn points this month by simply playing any of January’s PS Plus Essential games: A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, and Nobody Saves The World.

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